what your clients need
Fun, engaging, and effective wellness programs
Best-in-Class Solutions
From biometrics to challenges to behavior change, wellness education to disease management and even cafeteria integration, our extensive services cover all the bases with SSO and White Label capability as well.
Serious Customer Service
Mediterranean Wellness is a true wellness partner, and your group is our only concern. We treat email like instant message, and work hard every day to make sure you and your clients are always 100% satisfied.
Feedback to Feedforward
When you partner with Mediterranean Wellness, we'll show you how your groups performed in participation AND outcomes, and we'll do it in real time. We then use this feedback, to feed forward to improve the process year over year.
what we provide
Better products, at lower costs
A Complete
Our portal includes a full suite of wellness education, challenges, HRA, biometrics, and coaching. White label it to make it yours and implement Single Sign On for ease of use. We are the only vendor your clients need.
We have something no other vendor partner will give you: the Wellness Catalog and Online Scorecard. These tools organize wellness champions, create site-level competitions, and incentive-based wellness awards to increase wellness enthusiasm.
Our Mojo Incentive points can be applied to any incentives that your clients choose. From our admin portal, you can turn them on, off, and keep track of each person's level in real time. This gives your groups complete control over their incentives.
We make it simple to provide your groups with HRAs, as well as screenings and flu shots right onsite. Even better we can work with stand-alone clinics, and even family physicians. Flu shot vouchers can be redeemed at most pharmacies.